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退貨及退款 Return and Refund Policy 小店經營,不設退換或退款,如有查詢,請聯絡本店客服。 We apologise we cannot offer return or refund arrangement but if there is any queries please contact our customer service representative. 配送政策 Shipping Policy DELIVERY & SHIPPING 1. 你們的商品是從哪裏寄出? 所有商品都是從我們香港寄出。 1.Where are your products sent from? All products are sent from our Hong Kong . 2. 我的訂單如何發貨? 香港本地運輸:順豐快遞,中通快遞 澳門運輸:順豐快遞,中通快遞 中國內地:順豐快遞,中通快遞 其他地區:順豐快遞,中通快遞 2. How is my order shipped? Hong Kong Local Transportation : SF Express, ZTO Express Macau Transportation : SF Express, ZTO Express The Mainland of China Transportation : SF Express, ZTO Express Other locations: : SF Express, ZTO Express 3. 我的訂單仍然是“處理中”,什麼時候會發貨? 快遞方式的訂單均於確認收款後五個工作天內處理。 3. My order is still "in progress", when will it be shipped? Courier orders are processed within five working days after payment received. 4. 我的訂單發貨後我會收到通知嗎? 您的訂單發貨後,我們將用WHATSAPP發送通知給您。 4. Will I be notified when my order is shipped? Once your order has shipped, we will inform you via WHATSAPP. 5. 我的訂單已經發貨,但我需要更改地址,該怎麼辦? 如果您需要更改地址,請盡快與我們聯繫。 請注意,有可能已經無法更改地址,或快遞公司可能會收取地址更改費用。 5. My order has been shipped, but I need to change the address, what should I do? If you need to change your address, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that it may not be possible to change the address, or the courier company may charge an address change fee.